Pangaweruh aplikasi

Pangaweruh aplikasi 

I.  Cina sarta Internasional Standar bahan kemasan VCI



Produk Standar kami

VCI Paper



TL 8135


JIS Z 1535-1991

TL 8135

VCI Plastik Film



GB / T19532-2004


TL 8135

II. Pamakéan bahan VCI
The amount of VCI paper or VCI plastic film is equal to the surface area of the enclosing item in general. When applying VCI powder, the amount of VCI powder shall not be less than 35g/m3.
III.  Application methods of VCI packaging materials
There are three application methods of VCI packaging materials.
1. The inner packaging materials:  The parts are wrapped with VCI paper or VCI plastic film without any other material between the part and VCI materials.
2. The VCI powder can be used by hanging bag or spraying powder so that VCI can spread to surface of metal.
3. pemisahan antara lapisan bahan VCI: dina kotak karton dewan isolasi maké VCI bungkusan bahan, iwal dina kotak karton dijejeran ku bahan kemasan VCI, dina unggal lapisan piring isolating dina beungeut handap ieu ogé diperlukeun pikeun pinding bahan kemasan VCI
IV. Faktor naon teu bahan VCI maké éfék gumantung?
1. The corrosion inhibition ability of VCI material itself, namely the volatilization rate of volatile corrosion inhibitor.
2. The degree of Protection required for a part, should be governed by its material, structure, precision .
3. The part should be sealed by VCI materials, the better sealing condition and the longer rustproof period.
V. What shall be paid attention to when applying VCI materials?
1. Select corresponding VCI materials according to component of part.
2. Parts containing plastic, painted, or rubber should not be packaged with VCI materials until passed the compatibility test.
3. Metal parts shall be cleaned and dried before applying VCI materials.
VI.  Storage condition of VCI materials
1. VCI materials shall be well sealed and stored in a cool dry area.
2. The packaged VCI materials shall not be opened until ready for use.
3. In continuous preservation operation, the period of VCI materials exposed to open air shall be less than 8 hours.
VII. To protect Metal from corrosion is a systems engineering
During production, process interval, shipment of metal part, it is very necessary to set up management and technical requirement about metal corrosion. If one link in the production chain occurs corrosion, the damage will not be saving. The company will lose much. So the management of metal corrosion is a systems engineering. We shall prevent metal part from corrosion since the total life and every process of metal part.
VIII. Technological process of rustproof packaging
cleaning, drying, rust protection, packaging


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