Questions about Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

Why does Steel Packaging offer so many VCI formulations?

Steel Packaging’s product line offers different VCI formulations and products to accomplish a broad range of protection requirements, which also is called a “multi-metal” inhibitor. However, to make a multi-metal inhibitor, the formulation must contain a range of corrosion inhibitors some of which are not ferrous inhibitors. Steel Packaging does not completely believe in this “one product fits all” approach. We tailor our formulations to meet the specific needs of each manufacturer and to maximize product performance.

Why does Steel Packaging test for compatibility?

When a product is packaged in VCI, it frequently is not completely dry of any chemical or chemical residue. In fact, metal parts frequently have oils or chemical residues on their surfaces. These residual chemicals may interact with chemicals in the VCI formulation. The result of incompatible chemical systems can be either attack of the metal or loss of the effectiveness of the corrosion protection.

So Steel Packaging always recommends testing for the compatibility of our recommended VCI formulation with the metal as it is going to be packaged. This ensures our product is compatible and will meet your expectations.

How long does Steel Packaging protect?

VCI will provide complete protection for years.

Steel Packaging offers a range of products to accommodate specific packaging requirements, from short term to long term, so you can get the corrosion protection you need.

Where should Steel Packaging be used?

Steel Packaging products should be used in any metal application where corrosion can occur. This includes in-process, while in storage, and during export over land, air or water. Unprotected metals begin to corrode immediately so even timely manufactured parts will benefit from the protection of Steel Packaging.

Steel packaging offers the most comprehensive selection of protection in the industry. Whether your metal is steel, iron, zinc, silver, brass, copper, or virtually any other metal, Steel Packaging has a paper or film product which will give you total corrosion protection.

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