How Steel Packaging can solve your problem of metal corrosion

Wondering how Steel Packaging’s VCI Packaging can help you protect your metal parts and machinery from corrosion?


1.Metals wrapped in our  series of VCI paper & film packaging will stay clean, dry and rust-free for months or years, depending on the storage conditions.

2.Our VCI Packaging can also protect your metal parts from scratches, abrasions, and other damage.

3.No need for expensive coatings … VCI Packaging is clean, safe, and easy to use.

4.You can wrap any size metal part because our VCI packaging is available as sheeting, wraps, liners, shrouds, flat and recloseable VCI PP woven film.

5.You can protect your metal from harsh conditions, rough handling or moisture, with reinforced VCI paper, barrier wraps, and shrink film.

6. Global view: through ISO Certification, and compliance with key regulations such as REACH and RoHS means you are working with an experienced, trusted supplier.

7.Eco-friendly Innovation: our VCI rust inhibitor paper and films are fully recyclable and sourced from sustainable forestry initiatives. Paper products exported to the EU are made with 25-30% recycled content.

8.With manufacturing and global sales  in Asia, Mexico, Europe, USA, our team of Technical Sales Managers can provide technical support on request.

Have a corrosion problem?

We can help you choose the right VCI to solve it.

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Post time: Feb-20-2019
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